Welcome to Point Yoga's Home Page

What sets Point Yoga apart from the rest?

* We blend the heart of Kripalu with an emphasis on correct alignment of the spine and limbs in all postures

* We offer beginner through advanced level classes

* We offer individualized instruction within a class setting

* We have the best equipped (and most beautiful) studio in town

* We offer a traditional 90 minute class that includes meditation, breath work, a proper warm-up, and relaxation

The Fall Yoga Session:

Oct 6 - Nov 29 (click here for schedule)

$90 single class/$140 unlimited yoga

50% off for full-time students

(pro rates may be available for late comers, half session rates available)

Aura Photography & Yoga Workshop

with Maria McCarthy and Rob Schultz

Saturday, October 25, 4-6 pm $35

See what yoga is doing for you and have fun doing it!

What to expect:

* Two Kirlian aura photographs, one before yoga class and one after yoga class

* A 25+ page explanation of the position and meaning of the colors in your electromagnetic field (Aura), which can be downloaded or emailed to you

* 90 Minutes of Hatha Yoga with Point Yoga's Rob Schultz (some prior yoga experience is helpful but not required)

Registration and Payment are due Wednesday, October 22

Questions? Call Rob @ (715) 544-4313

Make checks payable to Point Yoga

Other Offerings:

Stevens Point Laughter Club (FREE)--

Join Judi Olson and Karolee Bulak for an hour of laughing and fun. For more information, please visit here. The next meeting of this donation-based event is:

Saturday, Nov 15, 11 am - Noon

FREE Silent Meditations (with Conscious Living in Central WI)--

Held Last Mondays at Point Yoga from 7 - 8 pm, this is a wonderful chance to sit in a group. Minimal instruction is provided for new comers. All silent styles-techniques are welcome. We meditate for 45 minutes and then meet for a social until 8 pm. The next meeting of this donations-based event is:

Monday, Oct 27, 7-8 pm


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