We offer beginner through advanced level Hatha Yoga classes taught in the Kripalu tradition with an emphasis on proper alignment of the spine and limbs.

What sets Point Yoga apart from the rest?

* We blend the heart of Kripalu with the alignment principles taught by BKS Iyengar.

* We offer individualized instruction within a class setting. You'll not only see but be seen at Point Yoga!

* We have the best equipped (and most beautiful) studio in town with blankets, blocks, bolsters and everything else you need to practice Hatha Yoga in a safe and healthy way.

* We offer a Traditional Approach that includes meditation, breath work, and relaxation.

September Yoga Session:

Sept 8 - Oct 4 (click here for schedule)

$45 single class/$70 unlimited yoga

50% off for full-time students

(pro rates may be available for late comers)

Other Offerings:

Everyday Enlightenment Workshop--

Wednesday, Sept 10, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, $25

based on Dan Millman's book Everyday Enlightenment, The awareness generated by this workshop will:

* reduce or eliminate self-sabotage

* strengthen your will

*lead to improved energy and health

* help create financial stability

* increase compassion, sense of humor, and perspective

...leading to an overall evolution of your person or spirit

Stevens Point Laughter Club (FREE)--

Join Judi Olson and Karolee Bulak for an hour of laughing and fun. For more information, please visit here. The next meeting of this donation-based event is:

Saturday, Sept 13, 11 am - Noon

FREE Silent Meditations (with Conscious Living in Central WI)--

Held Last Mondays at Point Yoga from 7 - 8 pm, this is a wonderful chance to sit in a group. Minimal instruction is provided for new comers. All silent styles-techniques are welcome. The next meeting of this donations-based event is:

Monday, Sept 29, 7-8 pm


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