With beginner through advanced level Hatha yoga classes taught in the Kripalu tradition, our Mission is:

Teaching the art and science of yoga, an approach consistently proven to uplift individuals and benefit society. The techniques of yoga integrate body, mind, and spirit, helping all to flourish and perform at peak levels.

Point Yoga's Summer Session: July 14 - Sept 7 click here

(pro rates may be available for late comers)

Other Offerings:

Stevens Point Laughter Club (FREE)--

Join Judi Olson and Karolee Bulak for an hour of laughing and fun. For more information, please visit here. The next meeting of this donation-based event is:

Saturday, July 19, 11 am - Noon

FREE Silent Meditations (with Conscious Living in Central WI)--

Held Last Mondays at Point Yoga from 7 - 8 pm, this is a wonderful chance to sit in a group. Minimal instruction is provided for new comers. All silent styles-techniques are welcome. The next scheduled meditation is:

Monday, July 28, 7-8 pm

Access Bars Class --with Malia Lesavage

Malia Lesavage is leading an Access Bars Class at Point Yoga on Saturday, July 26, from 9 am - 5 pm. $200

In the Access Bars class you will learn the 32 bars of energy located on the head that connect with many areas in your life. By gently touching these points you are able to “delete and un-create” stored past programming, beliefs, implants, blocks etc. easily and effortlessly erasing them, and open a person to greater possibilities and expanded awareness. When you are giving an Access Bars session you are also receiving the benefits from that session.

Visit www.accessconsciousness.com for more information or contact Malia at (920) 295-4736.


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